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Caleb Worldwide Debuts his First Ever Single

Born on jun 7 1997, Caleb Worldwide started his Music ministry at the age of 10 when he became the leader of children choir in C.P.M ( Christen Pentecostal Mission Church).

At the age of 12 he started playing the piano,his father was a pastor in the ministry C.P.M known as worldwide. At the age of 19 he became the band leader of his church so by Gods grace in his zone and all over IMO state youth he become known because of his gift of Singing.

” I had a vision of being know all over the world at the AGR of 20 my dad died 2017 Jun I thought all hope has been lost but something in me keep telling me that I will make it.all glory to God on the men of God that helped and supported my calling I released this wonderful track knowing that God has been so good to me no matter my present situation”


Otego m chobara chukwu di mma ka gi

I don’t teee I have been searching for u esim gawa that u are with me always


Chukwu maka ta mma

Makata makata makata makata makata chukwu di ma 4x

Have u ever seen this kind of God before

Bigger than the biggest

Stronger than the strongest 2x

Iganaba mo  na ka ikpermu  Nana

Onisa be na in kaw ogodoya na buw na nah

Iyono ba oo aribiti arabta

You be faithful lord daddy you be faithful lord

Chukwu Makata ma


When father died I thought all hope has been lost but u told me that u

are the father to the fatherless and mother to the motherless u are so

beautiful beyond discretion lord thats why  I say you are so good to

me and this song has been dedicated to you God and nobody else lord we

bless your name and magnify your name you are the king of kings and

the lord of lords

Written by DePROF XI

Your Nightmare!!! King Himself.

Hope You Are Ready For Me!!

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