Nigerians Will Surely Miss Our Fomer First Lady

Now that Buhari has won , will Mrs Aisha Buhari make Nigerians laugh and forget their sorrows like Mrs Patience Jonathan does?
This woman has increased the life span of an average Nigerian.
Examples of her“award winning speeches”
1- * Nigeria is a great CONTINENT.
2- * My husband and Sambo IS good people.
3- * I rather KILL myself than commit SUICIDE.
4- * My fellow widows.
5- * I travelled to abroad to rest in peace.
6- * My husband is the best couple on earth.
7- * The doctors are responding to treatment.
8- * For those who said I speech bad English, I left them for God.
9- * Ojukwu is dead, but his m*****d still liveson.
10- * Na only you waka come?
11- * Chai ! Chai !! Chai !!! This blood we are “sharing”
12- * diaris God o…
13- * on behalf of N2million I donate my family.
14- *To all those who think Goodluck Jonathan has failed, I have a question for you. When a child fails an exam, isn’t the child supposed to be repeated?
We will miss you Mama P

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Written by DePROF XI

Your Nightmare!!! King Himself.

Hope You Are Ready For Me!!

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