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oodday my good readers,this is another edition of the BBTM online interview. Have here with me ” THE YOUNGEST INFLUENTIAL BEAUTY & FASHION EVENT PRODUCER

•Sir may we get to meet you
Thanks, I am James Adeniyi, A student of University of Nigeria, Nsukka. I am the Projects Director of Africa Fashionistas Exhibition which is just around the coner. All other information are personal for now. #smiles

•Did you plan to go into showbiz/fashioning while in school?
Yes Of course, I had that in mind,infact it is my profession even in school

•How are you coping with business while in school?
Well, even with the heavy schedule in the day, I stay up all nights…..

•Tell us more about your co-produced shows
Okay, about my co-produced shows. I have being in charge of the logistics and also the camp manager of mr and miss continent nigeria from 2013 till date, some others shows like sunday compound, alongside blessing williams, and many other shows working with this year. Like Fashion Reception, Africa Fashion Project, looks and Trend Fashion show and many others on the table. Thank you

•How did you find your self into fashion and showbiz?

I started a long time ago while I was young. First people admire me and was adviced to go into modelling, but then I went for my school pageant and winning it gave me a boost of becoming a top model, so then I pursue modelling full time, I went for pageatries, Fashion shows, and featured in few movies. Soon after, a company called me to Manage their modelling agency and have been getting fruitful results over the years till I see myself producing shows. Thank you

•What was the inspiration behind you going into showbiz?
Well, I can say the passion for beauty,
Fashion and arts.

•Do u have any show you believe will trend within and outside our vicinity?if yes tell us a little about it
African Knows about the Africa Fashion and Arts Exhibitions coming up soon.. Its trending on all social media and on African Minds. Its an event involving Fashion Designers, Artist/painters and Photographers. And its also a show that comprises Fashion Exhibitions, runways and with lots of other packaged entertainments which would be unveiled that day. #laugh

•What will happen to your certificate after graduation?
My course of study is my career while the field am engaged now is my profession. That’s all I cal say for that question

•Are you into showbiz/fashioning for the money,or you have a genuine passion for it
(laugh) of all attributes attached to this industry, I think money is passive. The main thing I’m after is the name and the fame.

•Are there experiences that lead to that conclusion?
A lot, there is this fuss about money that puts inestimable things on the line, like intergrity, trust, Prudence etc. So I’m much interested in the inestimable things than the estimable things. Thank you

•Who is your role model/mentor?
My role model is the industry is lexy mojo and many others. But I have my tastes. (Smiles)

•Before you sir,what advice would you love to give to the youth?
My advice for the youth is to pursue their dreams and aim less after money. Thank you.
Kind Regards

James Adeniyi

Project Director AFDG


Your Nightmare!!! King Himself. Hope You Are Ready For Me!!

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