Bankulli fires back, says D’Banj does drugs

A few weeks ago, Nigerian Nigerian producer, artist manager, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Bankulli visited Pulse Nigeria for an hour-long chat about his career, his come-up, his career as a manager and connector.

Bankulli is known for working with Beyonce and Jay Z. He had writing credits on Watch The Throne, Jay Z’s collaboration with buddy, Kanye West. He also wrote and performed on Beyonce‘s album, The Lion King: The Gift. About a year ago, his recording of Kanye West dancing to ‘Immediately’ by Mystro went viral on social media.

D'Banj responds to Bankulli's story about how he met Kanye West. (Instagram/PulseNigeria247)D’Banj responds to Bankulli’s story about how he met Kanye West. (Instagram/PulseNigeria247)

During his visit to Pulse, Bankulli narrated how D’Banj met Kanye West at an airport in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Then, he was D’Banj’s manager. But when Pulse posted that cut of Bankulli’s narration on Instagram, D’Banj responded.

Bankulli fires back at D'Banj. (Instagram/PulseNigeria247)Bankulli fires back at D’Banj. (Instagram/PulseNigeria247)

But Bankulli has fired back at D’Banj. He also blasted the Nigerian singer. First, he responded to D’Banj’s comment on Pulse Nigeria‘s Instagram page. He writes, “Hmmm… I was thinking what truth you are looking for at this stage of your life… Keep your energy for your career and loved ones as you shall find the truth and the truth shall set you free. Be safe son.”

Then a few hours ago, Bankulli blasted D’Banj on his Instagram page @Bankulli. He says, “Doing Drugs will not help you but worsen your case ( I heard about White powder ) a shining prospect and you use your bad character to bloat all Away.

“Hmmm… It is never too late to go and seek truthfully the forgiveness and truth you seek …look inward change your lifestyle stop lying to yourself that all is well but go back to the source so that all can be well with you .

“You have done so much evil to many people that we both know and today I speak for them all . Cc @iambangalee ( Dbanj Aka The Kokomaster alias kokomycine… *Drops mic*”

You might remember…

In June 2016, Bankulli made an appearance on Loose Talk Podcast and discussed working with Jay Z, Kanye West, Seyi Sodimu and D’Banj. During the episode, he gave further details of how D’Banj met Kanye West with no difference.

You can listen to the episodes of Loose Talk Podcast below;


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