Yoruba group sets agenda for 2023 presidential aspirants

Malaolu reminded the aspirants that passion and patriotism superseded other primordial considerations for Nigeria’s presidency in 2023.

He said: “The clamour for the presidency of Nigeria, come 2023, is no longer at the back burner, the wishes of diverse groups and tribes to be given the opportunity to occupy the presidential seat is everyone’s democratic right.

“Our leadership forum has met and taken some decisions.

“Firstly, the candidate we shall support shall be wholly Nigerian, in blood and by birth. Such a candidate must have the desire and energy to strengthen our unity.

“Such a candidate must be highly innovative enough, not only to harness known economic potential but also turn the myriad of challenges confronting the nation into golden opportunities,” Malaolu said.

He advised Nigerians with such ambition and quality to enter the race to pursue their political ambition for the good of the nation.

On the issue of rotational presidency, our position is that, we shall take a common stand with the political leaders of the entire South-West and Kwara and Kogi.

He said that the decision of the group on the rotation of the presidency would also be in line with “our wishes for Nigeria and Nigerians, regardless of tribe or religion.“


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