5 ways Wike attacked Bayelsa Governor Dickson

The attack surprised the political world because both governors belong to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and hail from the same south-south geopolitical region.

Governors of similar political affiliation in Nigeria rarely attack the other publicly.

Wike launched the attacks when he was asked about the Soku oil wells which have been ceded to Rivers State by the Federal High Court in Abuja.

Here is how Wike took Dickson apart:

1..The oil wells

The PDP intends to interfere in the contentious subject of the oil wells taken from Dickson’s Bayelsa and handed to Wike’s Rivers.

However, Wike says they needn’t bother because the matter is above their pay grade.

Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers takes the battle to Governor Dickson [Twitter/@GovWike]

Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers takes the battle to Governor Dickson [Twitter/@GovWike]

“I don’t know why they are interceding. They have no power to resolve the issue of oil wells. Secondly, the matter has been determined by a court of competent jurisdiction.

“Anybody who is not satisfied should go on appeal. Are they interceding on behalf of someone who betrayed the party?”, the Rivers Governor asks.

2..Wike accuses Dickson of betraying PDP in Bayelsa

Recall that for the first time since Nigeria’s return to democratic governance in 1999, the All Progressives Congress (APC) recently won a governorship election in Bayelsa State.

Wike says that was because Dickson has sold the PDP to the APC in his state.

Wike says: “Governor Seriake Dickson betrayed and sold out the party.

Dickson is Bayelsa Governor, Wike accuses him of cutting a deal with the APC (Vanguard)

Dickson is Bayelsa Governor, Wike accuses him of cutting a deal with the APC (Vanguard)

“In fact, Governor Dickson ought to have resigned from the party by now, so that the leaders of the PDP in Bayelsa would rebuild the party. The national leadership of the party should know that the only option left for the PDP to be strong in Bayelsa is for Dickson to leave the party.”

3..Wike says Dickson has destroyed the PDP in Bayelsa

“Where was the party when Dickson sold out? Why couldn’t they come out to speak out? Governor Dickson, you have killed our party in that state. What is anyone wading in for? I am not going to be part of that and nobody will stop me,” Wike says.

4..Dickson worked against Wike during the Rivers election

According to Wike, Dickson was in bed with the opposition in Rivers during the 2019 governorship election.

“They know that during the 2019 elections in Rivers State, Dickson worked with my opponent.

“Throughout that period, the PDP National Chairman (Uche Secondus) himself knows that people were calling from all over the country to know the situation.

Uche Secondus is Chairman of the PDP (Thisday)

Uche Secondus is Chairman of the PDP (Thisday)

“Dickson never called one day. This was because of his alignment with the opposition,” Wike alleges.

5..Wike accuses Dickson of trying to defect to APC

In Wike’s words: “I can show proof that Dickson has already made up his mind to go over to the APC. I am not going to sit down with anybody to discuss anything as it relates to Governor Dickson. I have no business with Governor Dickson.”

Dickson is yet to respond though. We’d be giving his response equal treatment when it does arrive, you can be sure of that.


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