Atiku welcomes Obaseki to PDP [ARTICLE]

Abubakar, in a statement issued by his Media Aide, Mr Paul Ibe, in Abuja on Friday, welcomed Obaseki to the PDP, which he described as “a truly people’s party.”

The PDP presidential candidate in the 2019 elections noted that Obaseki was joining the PDP when the party was poised to deliver good governance to the people of Nigeria.

The former vice president said he was happy that Obaseki finally exited the ruling party and joined a truly democratic party in Nigeria.

“I have no doubt that your coming into the PDP would further strengthen our party to mobilise the people behind the common cause of deepening democratic ethos in our country and restoring prosperity to our people.

“The PDP that you have come to join today is a reformed and repositioned party — one that lives by its name of being a truly democratic party.

“I have an unflinching conviction that your joining the party would be an asset to the PDP.

“Together, we can work to extinct every form of undemocratic tendencies in our body politic and realign the good people of Edo State to the moving train of democracy and restoration of good governance to the country”, Abubakar said.


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