APC governors working to resolve party’s crisis, says PGF DG [ARTICLE]

He said: “In the context of the current challenges facing the party leadership, progressive governors are all working for the quick resolutions of the crisis.

“Although, approaches and perspectives of each progressive governor may vary, they have been able to debate and reach some consensus on the problems affecting the party as contained in the resolutions of the emergency teleconference meeting of Saturday, June 13, 2020.”

Lukman said that part of the resolutions, which was made public included collectively working “to ensure strengthening fair and democratic internal party mechanism for the selection of party candidates in all elections”.

According to him, strengthening fair and democratic internal party mechanism means that the party will recognise and respect individual position of every leader and member.

“Debates and contestation of positions will be encouraged in the party.

“Anyone who seeks to stifle internal debate within the party is only interested in destroying the vital progressive credential, which the party must have to be able to live up to its commitment of being a social democratic.

“Somehow, vested interests who may have been furtively peddling false allegations against some progressive governors for the perspectives they hold about the crisis facing the party, are doing everything possible to impose their fantasies.

“All other perspectives outside those fantasies are being criminalised and every attempt is being made to break the ranks of progressive governors. This is unfortunate,” Lukman said.

According to him, the reality is that all progressive governors are guided by all the resolutions adopted at the June 13, 2020 meeting.

“Those trying to create imaginary divisions are enemies of the party and clearly not interested in contributing in any way to bringing about an end to the crisis facing the party,” he said.


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