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What I Did To A Cultist That Slapped My Sister – Man Narrates

My sister has always been telling me about a particular notorious cult guy who has been making advances towards her.

I don’t live in same area with her so I wouldn’t know.

She told me anytime she passes, the guy would beckon on her to come and when she refuses as usual, he’d make lewd remarks towards her.

I always laugh it off because I thought that’s where it’d end until she called me crying that the guy slapped and seized her phone.

I asked her what happened and she said she was going to buy something from a nearby market late in the evening, she saw him and he cat called her. She ignored him and he called her a harlot then she replied him by saying he’s stupid and foolish.

Then he came for her, slapped her and seized her phone.

I was furious. I quickly dialled the number of my soldier friend to organise 8 soldiers that would follow me there.I wired him 100k to buy drinks for them.

He organised them for me and together we took private car to where my sister stays.

We got there and we couldn’t find the bastard so we arrested his folks who he smokes with till they can produce him. After threatening them, they led us to his location.

On seeing the bastard, I just rush am better slaps before my army friends come give am better marching and flogging with frog jump.

See the way the fool was crying and shedding mucus like the bastard he is. I wanted to lock him up in panti for two weeks where he will never see light and food but due to the begging from the community, I let him off with a stern warning that if dem born him and his stupid cult well, make him touch my sister again.

I go let am know the difference between six and half a dozen.

Written by DePROF XI

Your Nightmare!!! King Himself.

Hope You Are Ready For Me!!

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