Chipmunk VS Yungen: How it All Began


You’ve seen and heard it everywhere.. Social media, Radio shows, YouTube and Podcasts, But where did it really all start? Over the past years Chipmunk has been known as the king of diss tracks. Early in his music career he took on Wiley, Tinie Tempah, Big Narstie and Bugzy Malone in 2015.

Last year Yungen was nominated for Mobo Awards ‘Best newcomer’ although he lost to newcomers ‘Section Boyz’ he was still nominated, which shows that the public respected his effort put into his work and had been received well by the listeners. on the 5th of November 2015, Days after the Mobo Awards, Yungen announced his record deal with Sony RCA Label Group UK.

Here’s how it started..

Chipmunk released a music video to his ’96 bars of revenge’ voicing his dissatisfaction of Yungen’s nomination for ‘Best newcomer’ In the song he says “If you’re going to nominate Yungen, then you might aswell nominate Sneakbo too” after hearing this Yungen made no comment about what Chipmunk had said about him in the song.

However, earlier of last month, on February 5th 2016, Yungen brought out a song called ‘Comfy’ and replied back to chipmunk and the comment he made, in the song he raps “man wanna talk about me at the mobos like I ain’t earned it, man wanna talk about my nomination like I didn’t deserve it. man wanna bring me down, I know man was happy with the verdict” after having heard the song, Chipmunk tweeted Yungen on twitter, even though they had each others numbers. 

Check out there tweets to each other down below.


On the 16th February 2016 chipmunk released a music video to the song ‘one take freestyle’ another diss to Yungen. 2 hours after Chipmunk released, Yungen sent out a diss track/video to Chipmunk.. I bet your wondering how did Yungen write, shoot and release the video in 2 hours? its almost impossible, especially when you look at the content and quality! Yungen was made aware of Chipmunks diss track/video a few days before it was released by someone in Chip’s camp.

Chip then followed by releasing ‘Michelle riddim’ and then Yungen then responded 24 hours later with ‘oopsie daisy riddim’. After Yungen released the diss track/video Chipmunk then followed by releasing ‘L (Lil’ Clive Diss 2) the next day, ‘L’ means that you lost.

Chipmunk is still waiting for Yungen to reply.

What do you think so far? Who do you think is winning?

Let us know

I will leave the videos down below so you can listen to all of the diss tracks.

Chipmunk- 96 Bars of revenge

Yungen- Comfy

Chipmunk- One Take

Yungen- Punk

Chipmunk- Michelle riddim

Yungen- Oopsie daisy riddim

Chipmunk- L


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