Falklands War: ‘The UK is still usurping our land’

It’s 40 years since the Falklands War, a 10-week armed conflict between the United Kingdom and Argentina over two British dependent territories in the South Atlantic.

Argentina, which calls the islands the Malvinas, lost the war, but to this day it maintains that they belong to them.

The president of Argentina has told the BBC that he will keep fighting to get them back, and has accused Britain of colonialism in the 21st Century.

BBC South America correspondent Daniel Pardo travelled to Buenos Aires to look at what the legacy of the war is in Argentina.

Correspondent: Daniel Pardo

Producer: Sofia Bettiza

Editor: Wahal El-Saadi

Camera: Tomás Francisco Cuesta and Agustín Actis

Local producer: Ayelén Oliva


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