Killed for blasphemy in Nigeria: ‘It felt like a spear pierced my heart’

Deborah Samuel was a 21-year-old Christian student in a college in northern Nigeria.

A mob of classmates beat her to death after accusing her of blasphemy over a voice note she had shared on WhatsApp.

Her mother and father told the BBC their lives have dramatically changed since her killing.

Blasphemy laws have long been controversial in Nigeria.

Although Nigerian law is not based on any religion, 12 states in the Muslim-majority north have Islamic courts that view blasphemy as an offence punishable by death.

But death sentences for blasphemy have never been carried out. Instead, blasphemy allegations often lead to mob killings.

Reporter: Ishaq Khalid

Producer: Lina Shaikhouni

Filming: Chukwuemeka Anyikwa


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