UNIOSUN inducts 40 nursing graduates

Osun State University, Osogbo, has inducted 40 nurses that graduated from its Department of Nursing Science with a charge to develop, initiate strategies for health promotion, implement and evaluate such strategies for necessary outcomes.

This is as the Vice-Chancellor of Osun State University, Professor Odunayo Adebooye has asked the federal government to build the spirit of patriotism in the nation by creating enabling environment for the people to work to end the wave of travelling by Nigerians to other countries for greener pastures.

This, according to him, will prevent health workers from travelling to other countries after being trained in Nigeria.

The Vice-Chancellor made the assertion while speaking with journalists during the 3rd induction/oath-taking ceremony for the graduate nursing students.

Speaking further, Prof Adebooye said the federal government should replicate the conditions that exist in other countries in Nigeria to attract people to work.

“We train them (health workers) with a huge amount of money and immediately after training, other countries grab them to service their health care industry. So we are at the losing point.

“We have to create that condition here, for example, how do you explain that the same salary that has been handed in the University since 2009 is the same salary that they are collecting in 2022, it is not acceptable. So to return these nurses to service our healthcare industry, you must try to create an enabling environment for them to live in conditions that make the happy, good salaries, and good facilities in the hospital that we make them exploit the knowledge that they have gained in the university and put in a little practice.

“From seeking opportunity outside the country, I think they have the right to do so, but you see, to prevent them from travelling, we have to build the spirit of patriotism in the nation. All we have to do is to replicate the conditions that exist over there in our society,” he stressed.

UNIOSUN inducts 40 nursing graduates


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