All vibes and fun at the Infinix Note12 Pop-Up Shop Experience Tour

Fun events and activities have been ongoing for fans to truly enjoy the thrill that the Note12 VIP devices offer as the Note 12 device comes with features that will help users to take the lead in work and play.

So, while it boasts of features that can enhance work performance, it also has the capacity to take entertainment to a new level and the events highlight this. The Infinix Note12 Pop-Up Shop experience is one of those events and it kicked off in Lagos at Ikeja City Mall on Thursday the 28th of July and ran up until the 10th of August 2022.

The participants of the event had an amazing time with the Pop-Up Shop experience because there were lots of goodies and special benefits for them to enjoy. Liquorose took the fun a notch higher on Saturday the 6th of August at the Ikeja City Mall with Infinix fans and it was a swell time of music, dance, games and lots of fun.

But the fun was not for Lagosians alone, so the #InfinixPopUpShop experience continued in Ibadan and kicked off on the 15th of August 2022. It was all vibes on vibes at the #InfinixPopUpShop Ibadan on Saturday the 17th with Odunade Adekola the Cruise Master—as some call him.

As expected, he brought all the energy to the event and had the crowd bursting with the same energy as well. Participants still haven’t gotten over the thrills and excitement from the #Note12PopUpShop.

The Infinix Note12 Pop-Up Shop experience has been lots of fun. And of course, there was eating, drinking, singing, dancing and gaming involved with winners awarded with amazing gift items.

Participants got to enjoy special benefits like phone swaps for the InfinixNote12 series, Infinix phone repairs from CarlCare, payments in installments from EasyBuy and a whole lot more.

There was also a chance to swap phones to a brand new Infinix Note 12 with EasyBuy using their phones as a downpayment during the #Note12VIPPopShop experience.

Fans came ready to have all the fun and they surely had the best time, capturing happy moments at the Infinix Note12 Pop-Up Shop experience tour with friends and the celebrities present at the event.

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All vibes and fun at the Infinix Note12 Pop-Up Shop Experience Tour


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