24Lottos crosses 500,000th players

As a result of the huge lotto draws in recent weeks, the 24Lottos site has been used by 500,000 people worldwide for the first time ever!
Due to the giant powerball jackpot held recently, ticket purchase exploded on the platform recording about 500,000 players. The number of users is largely due to customers skipping the hassle of visiting the stalls.

The US Powerball jackpot rolled a few times and reached over 2 billion. This alone made people scamper for lottery tickets and to make it more interesting: they purchased the lottery tickets online in the comfort of their homes. No hassle at all. This is something you can try right now if you would like.

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How does It work?
24Lottos is an online lottery platform that allows anyone to purchase worldwide lottery ticket(s) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through their website.
Playing on 24Lottos is very simple and easy. There’s no limit on the number of lotteries you can play. Before checking out, visit all of the lotteries that you’re interested in and choose your lucky numbers. And all this, in just a few clicks.

Login or signup for your free 24Lottos accounts with either Facebook, Google, or other email accounts if this is your first time here.

● Choose a lottery

● Select your lucky numbers or use the quick pick button to assist with the selections and click PLAY.

● Check your pending ticket(s)

● Click CONFIRM and head to the deposit page to make your payments.

● After making the payment, go to the next page and confirm the ticket(s) you chose earlier.

● You will receive an email with your ticket order and purchase confirmation notifications.

You can also choose to participate in several lotteries by subscribing to the VIP Prime package. It is a weekly renewal service in which you save 15% and an additional 10% on all ticket purchases. You can also edit your numbers, pause the renewal feature or cancel anytime. This saves the minor hassle of entering the draw daily or every week. From here, the system will do the work. It means the numbers you chose will be entered for every draw that occurs for that particular lottery for the period of time you chose.

24lottos is not just luck, it’s about helping others. By playing with 24Lottos you help developed countries like Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, tanzania, in fields like education and food support, 24Lottos donates 1% of its revenues back to the African community. This is a great cause.

All it takes is to buy a ticket. Good luck!!!

24Lottos crosses 500,000th players


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