How to Clear Stretch Marks and Sun Burns Effectively 

Hearing People Complain Daily About Smooth Skin, Stretch Marks and Sun Burns on Daily Basis is Now The Order Of The Day.

How about I Show You Some Skincare Products that Can Clear That Stretch Marks, Heal That Stubborn Sun Burns and Help You Maintain A Smooth and Healthy Skin.

Get The Complete FRESH GREEN SKINCARE PRODUCT which Consists of

1. Fresh Green Turmeric Soap
2. Fresh Green Turmeric Body Cream
3. Fresh Green Facial and Body Scrub
4. Pishon Natural Skincare Oil

The Total Cost of This Skincare Products Officially Cost #8,500 (Excluding Delivery Charges).

Let’s Get to The Part of HOW TO USE THE PRODUCTS.


: Apply the Freshgreen Moringa Soap about 20 minutes before you bath then you bath with it. After bathing apply the body cream on the stretch mark area and on your whole body as regular Body cream.

Evening: Apply the Face & Body Scrub for about 60 minutes. Thereafter wash it away with Fresh Turmeric soap and apply Pishon Skincare Oil.

Note: You can apply the soap on the stretch mark area overnight.

Please note that treatment of stretch mark, spots and sunburn may take between 3 to 6 months, depending on how long, large or deep seated they are.

Please shake the Face & Body Scrub very well before applying.

Fresh Turmeric Soap – Use for bathing daily and experience a smooth, fresh and glowing skin. This soap is enriched with herbs, fruits and oils.

Fresh Glowing Turmeric Body Cream – Use the Body Cream daily after bath. This body cream is loaded with skin vitamins and nutrients your skin needs to prevent skin problems and nourish your skin.

Pishon Skincare Oil – Use PISHON NATURAL SKINCARE OIL daily for glowing, anti-ageing, and shining skin that you desire. With Pishon Skincare Oil, your skin will not remain the same.

How To Use Pishon Oil to Glow Your Face
Apply it on your face after bathing or after washing your face, then cleanse with cotton wool. This will keep your face smooth and cleansed from dirt and dead cells. You can apply Pishon Skincare oil after bathing morning or evening.

Note: If you have oily face, you will use Pishon Skincare oil on your face alone and you use Body cream or Body lotion every other part of your body, but if you have dry face, you can use the Body Cream alone or Body cream mixed with half Pishon skincare oil. Pishon skincare oil is good for oily and normal face, and it also remove excessive oil.


Facial treatment includes pimples, rashes, spots, sun/cream burns and others.

Morning: In the morning, gently apply the Turmeric soap on your face with water between 3 to5 minutes before bathing, then you bath with it. After bathing you apply Pishon Skincare Oil or Body Cream on your face and your other parts of your body.

Evening: Wash your face with warm water, then apply the Face & Body Scrub on your face; leave it for between 30mins to 1 hour and wash away with Turmeric soap, and then apply Pishon Skincare Oil on your face.

To Order, Kindly Call 08116369702 or WhatsApp 08161286912 (Lagos Only), Orders Will Be Delivered Between 24 – 48 hours.

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