Meet Adeh, the artist that caught Victoriouz icon’s attention [@Thereal_adeh @Victoriouzicon]

image caught up with Soundhill music gang
signed act Adeh, and we got to ask him some of the
Questions you’ve been meaning to ask him.

Tell us who Adeh is

The real name is adebayo adeleke ayokunle, am a
native of Ajowa akoko in ondo state and am in my
early 20s.

How would you define your style of music

Ermm, Afro pop, I do Afro pop

You are signed to Sound Hill music gang, owned by
victoriouz icon a well known producer in the
Nigerian music industry, how does that make you

Wow being signed to Soundhill music gang is a
blessing, like the label boss Victoriouz icon is a very
nice person and a genius, being in Soundhill music
gang makes me feel blessed

So is Adeh currently in school or a graduate

Adeh is in school

What’s your opinion about music business in

Well,I would say that all musicians in Nigeria should
keep dishing out good music, And the ones that are
not making it should step up their games, we’ve got
fans to please
Listening to your music, one will easily experience
a blend of
different genres of music. What can you call your
musical influence ?

My biggest musical influence is D’banj

Celebrity’s life is always considered as
ephemeral. Would you be
putting something down for the future ?

Yeah Sure, I have plans

Can we take a peep into the SHMG family? You
live together?

Yeah we do

How will you discipline yourself from making
fame and money
get into your head ?

I can’t let fame and money get into my head, I would
continue to live my humble life, And in whatever i do,i
will always remember where i ws coming from

Fame definitely comes with women. How do you
plan on managing yours?

Hahahahaha, God would help

Do you think you have any competition in the
industry today?

The industry itself is a competition, but I’ve got my
eyes on the price, no distractions, I would keep being me.

Okay, thanks for having us, before we leave drop
a word for the fans

God bless all of you, I’ll keep giving you good music,
Good music all the way.

Meanwhile you can follow Adeh
on Twitter & instagram
And follow Victoriouz icon on
Twitter and instagram


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