Nel- Tele mi


Omoregie Nelson with stage name NEL is a South
African based artist, originally from Nigeria. He
started music at the age of 11. For someone with
such considerable early talent it is surprising then
that it is only 4 years ago that NEL seriously
considered music as a career.Since his return to
Nigeria, he has come a long way in the notoriously
hard- to- crack Nigerian Entertainment Industry.
Initially, he was in a group and later joined his
church choir in 2005. During this time NEL
experienced but quickly appreciated the challenges
of a struggling artist.
His musical talent is evident in the fact that he has
succeeded- in a very short space of time in gaining
commercial representation in both South Africa &
Nigeria. As a contemporary artist working within
what we still consider as Dance Hall Genre and RnB,
in particular his debut Track “TE LE MI” is a love song
to listen to.
Edo State born Nelson is also a music producer who
plays various musical instruments like the piano,
drum and bass guitar. His hobbies are football,
snooker, video game and he always tweets *winks*
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