MIXTAPE: Dj Swayze – Alcholades

As usual he celebrates himself with very powerful and intense mix, This time its the 20th Episode of the Exclusive Popular demand mixtape series.

Dj swayze took to his instram to announce he extended the total  time duration due to the demand from many of his fans and Sweedt Addicts.

This one runs a little over the 2hour mark. He also mad other fixes with drops and also tried out new stuffs.

At this  point i’m sure you want to stop reading and just download this blistering mix dubbed ALCHOLADES. 

Cop this one, listen and give Sweedt dj swayze some Alcholades, oh sorry “Accolades” if you think he deserves some.

Addicted?? Follow @DJ_Swayze on social media  Snapchat @djSwayze



Your Nightmare!!! King Himself. Hope You Are Ready For Me!!

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