EVENT: Get Ready For “Show Your PVC Concert” 2018

#ShowYourPVCconcert is a musical concert aimed at stimulating and educating youths on the need to exercise their civic duty of voting and determining who leads them.

#ShowYourPVCconcert provides an avenue for youths to explore the power of their PVC as the PVC plays the symbolic role of entry ticket to the proposed Musical Concert. We expect attendance of over 20,000 PVC holders at this event.

The concert is expected to showcase A-list artistes from Nigeria who will stimulate the voting culture of youths through music, the concert will as well include feature discussions by INEC on the imperative nature of voting.

The concert will showcase the synergy between governance and the entertainment industry, the concert will leverage on the influence of music on the youthful population and channel this influence to collection of PVCs and Voting at Election.

Huk Entertainment anticipates collaborations with the general public in terms of sponsorship.

About HUK Entertainment

HUK Entertainment Services is an entertainment/career management company with years of experience in staging and management of events within and outside of Nigeria. We’ve planned and executed successful concerts and events including:

1) El-Santo Night of Fame – Port Harcourt

2) Funky Weekend – Held across South-South States & Lagos

3) Rep ma Hood – Lagos

4) Ghana Fashion Week – Accra Ghana

We realize how important our sponsors are to our event’s success. That’s why we have a dedicated sponsorship services team who will work with Akwa Ibom State Government to ensure that your experience as a sponsor of #ShowyourPVCconcert exceeds your expectations.

We would anticipate your response to our proposal for sponsorship and will be available to enumerate in broad terms other areas of interest.


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