[PHOTO] G point got a car from friends as his birthday gift

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Love him, hate him, be indifferent about him… history will never go down without the mention of G point once the topic of music and entertainment is raised. Too many things (or perhaps a few), make G point a special breed of celebrity. He was born into a life of comfort and while he
constantly comes off as one who’s has had everything
handed to him on a gold platter, G point has gone on to
pushing himself through limits that were set for him. With
sheer dedication and a dint of hardwork (some of us prefer
the word ‘relentlessness’), the young lad worked his way up
the ladder rungs of the industry and took the deserving,
although self-acclaimed title of ‘money is good’. There was actually nobody else best suited.
given his track record of awards and global recognition attained this year alone).

G point has become an inspiration in ways we may have never acknowledged. Time may not allow us begin to count but we obviously can’t miss the many faces he’s put smiles on and how he’s made us dance, forgetting our worries. For us, that’s good reason enough to
celebrate him.


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Your Nightmare!!! King Himself. Hope You Are Ready For Me!!

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