Special Interview With The Winners of this Year Mr/Miss Kwara Intl.



Mr/miss kwara



–Can we meet you?

sure: I am Mayuku-Dore Mazino
by name, the first ever Mr kwara Int’l 2014, a final year student of the University of
Ilorin, studying Geology and a DJ/VJ at Unilorin89.3FM.

Yes! What was the challenges you went throw to desire the Crown?

to me, I would say it was less of a challengecbecause
my days in camp though strenuous and stressful was
fun filled and
enlightening. The only thing I saw as a challenge was my
body build
but I had to work on that.

–Your focus for the Brand?

( my focus for the brand, hmmm, my focus
for the brand
is to represent them anywhere and everywhere I find
to make the world see my brand, the K-TITANS Koncept,
organizers of Mr and Miss Kwara International rated
the best.

–Do you have any equality as a modeling Pageant King?

I don’t think I do. I am entirely different. What makes me
different in my passion and determination towards
anything I
pick interest in and above all, the Almighty God who
lifts me up above all.

–Are you looking toward contesting in any Nigeria or foreign
pageant, to represent your present brand Mr Kwara International 2014?

definitely I am. You know if I
don’t, I won’t be
able to take the brand forward and I must thank the
organizers and the Kwara state Government for giving
me an
all expense paid trip to represent them in the forth
Nigeria International Super Models.

–Having gone through the Mr and Miss Kwara
2014 pictures and Video I realize that your activities and
confident truly prove you desire the crown; please tell us
secret behind your Confident?

well, the secret behind
everyone’s confidence is his or her carriage and his or
ability to overcome stage fright. I had all these figured
out a
long time ago with the help of God. Been the Head boy
of my
secondary school -Rezheights High School- and been an
and a DJ/VJ helped me get the carriage as a leader/
winner and
overcome the stage fright.)
–Will you like to discuss the Pet Project at your custody,
as a
give back to the society for supporting to your success?

I wouldn’t but I want you to expect one that cuts across
charity, youth
empowerment, talent hunt and fashion

-What has the Brand Mr and Miss Kwara International
to you?

If I am to talk about every aspect, I don’t think
I’ll never
stop talking but I’ll mention a few… I now have a great
sense, I now know how to manage my time especially
the aspect of when
to wake up in the mornings and go to sleep at night
because I used to
be a huge lover of sleep but camp changed me +funny right?+, in
the brand gave my life a meaning. They taught me poise
and etiquette

how do you see yourself in the next 3years as a

as a
model, in the next 3years, I see myself as one of the
most sort after.
I see myself on every runway all over the world and by
the grace of
the Almighty God, I see myself winner of every pageant I
contest for.


who are the models you look up to both locally and

I look up to the likes of David Agbodiji
Bryan Okwara of Nigeria and my boss the 2014 NISM
Most Talented Model,
Paul Fabiyi )

— what does fashion mean to you?

fashion to me
refers to
something in the prevailing style or custom as in dress
behavior. Fashion is the style characteristic of the social

–what’s your favorite accessory?

talking about
accessories, I
don’t have a favorite. Anything good goes as long as it
complements what I’m wearing.

Your words of encouragement to the youths out there
wants to be a Pageant King?

to all those who aspire to
pageant kings, just be determined, don’t allow other
contestants looks/appearance intimidate you. Stand
strong and always
see yourself a winner. No matter the mistake you make,
turn it into a
style and make people believe you. Be humble and be
attentive to your
leaders. Above all, pride kills. Don’t let pride ruin you.
Thank you,
God bless K-titans koncept, God bless Kwara state, God
bless Nigeria.


Your Nightmare!!! King Himself. Hope You Are Ready For Me!!

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