A new social network have been created by a Nigerian @realmiiinetwork #realmiii

When Mr. Henry Steve the CEO and Founder of www.realmiii.com saw how students go extra mile to interact within themselves, communicate with other schools far and near and cause people to know about their businesses, skills, and services he was devastated. Students were unable to achieve their goals and visions, because there wasn’t a platform to drive this course. He says `I realized there should be a safe platform for students to interact, communicate and promote their careers and businesses so I decided to create realmiii.com with lots of special and unique features to satisfy its purpose and target audience.

Realmiii is for the youth, the students and corp members from different schools and locations, so it becomes a safer place for people to connect with one another…

Since its launching this year realmiii has attracted members from different schools from Funaab to UI and many others. Users can create their own profile pages, fan pages, upload music, pictures, buy and sell, advertise their product, share reading methods, files & educational articles among others. “I don’t think facebook and the likes have this equivalent of social learning communities. I think realmiii is the vehicle that enables students, corp. members and the youth in general to come together into a group that they feel they can trust, and be open with, learn, communicate and promote their careers` he conclude.

I would implore every student accessible to the internet to join the movement on realmiii.com as we have provided another reliable medium to reach to your loved ones and those you care much about….

Realmiii mobile app is now available on Google play store for mobility and easy access.
With realmiii, everything goes easy.
So keep enjoying its benefits….and spread the goods news

Realmiii´s vision; “To be the most unique platform for youth where you present yourself to whole world.”
Realmiii’s goal is to be the best social community for students, corpers & the youths globally.


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