Can we meet you?
Yeah , my Name is Remilekun , CEO and Head Photographer at Prestaz Studios

How was growing up like with your parents and siblings
Like every regular family, I have just one brother He his a fashion Designer @16th_Pieces On Instagram . But it’s all love and care

Your educational background?
Started Primary school , went to secondary school and finished university

How did the love of photography start?
I don’t even know , I stumbled on Blawz Page on Facebook that year , he was always taking dope pictures of ordinary people, he makes ordinary pictures look amazing he still does and takes amazing pictures. I always wondered how he did it so I pursued it. I actually tried to recreate all of those images that year .

Did your parent supported your choice for photography leaving your certificate in the box?
Oh ! My parent ! I started when I was in the university, they didn’t disagree or entirely support . Their own na say make I go school , graduate , get job and start my own family .

How do you cope with rude client?

What’s my own , Clients are always right . Yes sir ! Yes Ma ! Am sorry Sir ! I will send them soon ma. If you know , you know lol .

What are the basic photography tools ?
Your Camera first first , it depends on the kinda Photography you want to do that will determine if you need background or Tripod stand

Which is your most cherished photography gadget?
My Camera and my Godox Ad600 like this like this .

Have you done any personal project as a photographer?
Yes and currently working on one now .

What is the difference between PRESTAZ
photography and the regular photographer on campus?

Visit my page on Instagram : @prestaz

Who are your role model?
I don’t really have but I love a couple of my bosses them not just their works plus their personality .
But I really like Tope Horploads . I just like the bros

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Everywhere , All I wanted is to be taking beautiful pictures but it’s getting deeper than that .

Do you take interns? Where you once an intern? Yes , interned with Mr Adore his my boss.

What type of photographer do we call you? Photo journalist or portrait photographer ?

Fashion and Portrait Photographer.
I Also Shoot Weddings too Just in case lol

Why are you different from other photographers?
I don’t know o , I guess my work would tell

List few of your cherish or treasured shoot?
I have done couple of commercial shoots for some big brands but I still want to shoot more .

Do you work in a studio? Where is your studio located?
Yes ! Both studio and outdoor .
We have two studio space now , One at Yaba and Badagry . The dream is to have more all around Lagos, Nigeria the Whole World As A Whole. By Gods Grace

Have you work with any top photographer ?
No ! I have a few I’ll like to collaborate with . But I’m still working on myself, I’ll prefer them to notice me with my works.

We Heard you are celebrities choice photographer, can you name some of the top celebrity you have worked with

Loool where did that come from ? But I shot Actress Nkechi Blessing and The 2018 big brother house mate Tedy A, Bisola , Tobi .

Where do you see your self in the next 5years ?
I have talked to God about it . Come and see for yourself in 5 Years .

“You are Handsome while holding the camera “what is your view about this remark?

I guess that’s someone’s thought out loud . I take it as a compliment . Thank you

How do you relax?
Just by being around my family and friends jisting and catching up because I don’t get to be with them all the time , I’m always here and here .

How do you cope with female client?
95% of my clients are females, I’m Used to this in “ Drake’s voice “

Your favorite qoute ?
If you treat me well , I’ll defiantly treat you better . that’s my Motto too

What are you advice for today’s youth?

Find a side hustle asides school but go to school it’s important . Go to school

Any vote of thanks or appreciation / special dedication?

I really appreciate everyone supporting the PRESTAZ Brand since day 1 , Without you there’s No PRESTAZ. God bless you all. Shoutout to RosaNation for putting me on this.

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