I Rest My Pen – Orege, Philip Oluwagbemileke.

“The Pen is the tongue of the soul; as are the thoughts engendered there so will be the things written. The Pen is mightier than the sword, if the sword is very short, and the Pen is very sharp.” ANONYMOUS.

That Pen is inked well in such a way that its command respect. It’s easily show others the direction or way to go. This Pen light the whole World. Don’t ever joke with a Pen because, it serves as a source of greatness to those who are able to acknowledge the fact and make use of the Pen well. Pen enclose so many confidential things out.

It’s no longer news that a new brand has taken begun to stamp its foot in the minds of the Nigerian students. Although, many have received this concept with open hands, a lot are still in the dark as to what this concept entails. Briefly, I’d be shedding some light on the I REST MY PEN INITIATIVE.

When you go to the bank to do a transaction, it is almost impossible to steer clear of the usage of the Pen. Your deposit and withdrawal slips are filled with the aid of the Pen. Your P.O.S receipts are signed with the aid of a Pen. The bank manager signs your check with the aid of a Pen. While all these activities are done with the Pen, it is important to note that you are figuratively resting your Pen to seal the transactions. Again, it is a two-way usage; customers use it, as well as the bank officials.

In the school setting, we write with the aid of a Pen. Lecturers do same and many more with the aid of a Pen. When it’s time for exams, definitely one can not do without the use of Pen. When it is time for results, it cannot be collate without the Pen. Again, it is imperative to note that you rest your Pen while doing the aforementioned, and as well it is a two-way transaction.

Finally, whilst I write this content, I can’t disregard the important role my Pen plays, when you get to read till the end, and choose to make a comment, you’d do so with the aid of your pen. This said, you’d agree that it is a two way transaction as well.

Therefore, shall we not agree with the famous saying that One Book, One Pen, One Teacher, and One Child can change the World.

It begins with you. Do stay tuned as more development begin to unfold in the coming weeks…



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