Exclusive Interview with Leke Lee |@iamlekelee

In an Exclusive Interview with 234Hitz Ent. Upcoming indigenous rapper Ogunniyi Adeleke widely Known as Leke Lee gave us a hint about himself and what transpired the release of Mr. Teacher.

Leke Lee

234hitz: Can We Meet you?

Leke Lee: My name is Ogunniyi Adeleke widely Known as Leke Lee

234hitz: Where do you hail from

Leke Lee: I’m a native of Ikirun, Osun State, raised in Abeokuta, Ogun State

234hitz: How did you come by the Name Leke Lee

Leke Lee: My real name is Adeleke, so the Lee there is just a swag

234hitz: Thats cool.

234hitz: Can you tell the World your Age

Leke Lee: My age??? smiles, let’s keep it a secret.

Leke Lee: But for real I’m old enough to be a father

Leke Lee

234hitz: *smiles*

234hitz: For the sake of our Ladies, Whats Leke Lee ‘s Relationship Status

Leke Lee: I’m single!

234hitz: Whoops! Thats Cool. So Ladies are Free to Apply right?

Leke Lee: #Coughing

234hitz: *smiles*

234hitz: We Know Leke Lee as an artist. Am i right?

Leke Lee: Sure!

234hitz: Whats your Style of Music

Leke Lee: I’m a rapper, an indigenous rapper(Yoruba)

234hitz: Thats Great

234hitz: Who are your Role Model

Leke Lee: Olamide Baddo, reminisce alaga ibile, phyno and so on

Download Sisi Caro Freestyle by Leke Lee

234hitz: No wonder you are into indigenous rap

234hitz: How Many Tracks have you released?

Leke Lee: More than 8

234hitz: Can you list them

Leke Lee: #Smiles e don tey ooo Omo Boi don forget

234hitz: *smiles* What about the latest ones

Leke Lee: Sure I have 3 tracks

Leke Lee: Fire In The Booth, Won Beri, And Sisi Caro  Dropped em off mah first mixtape

Leke Lee

234hitz: Ok

Leke Lee: And they r currently making waves

234hitz: That’s good to hear

Leke Lee: Thanks boss

234hitz: We received a hint that you released a track titled Mr Teacher. How True is this?

Leke Lee: Yeah

Leke Lee: I released it

234hitz: Can you tell us what inspired you to it

Leke Lee: I listened to Pelepele’s local reply

234hitz: And?

Leke Lee: So I felt I should just give him a reply

234hitz: Waoh. Thats cool

Leke Lee: Yess boss

Leke Lee: Thanks

Download Leke Lee – Won Beri Here

234hitz: What was king Badoo’s view of the release because our source said he’s aware of it

Leke Lee: #Smiles he said I should free him

234hitz: Ok

234hitz: Are you currently signed to any Record Label?

Leke Lee: Record Label? NO!

234hitz: Do you plan on signing for any if offers come knocking?

Leke Lee: Sure, based on agreement.

234hitz: So do you plan featuring any artist? If yes , who?

Leke Lee: Yes…but I can’t mention any name, let’s keep it a secret #Winks

234hitz: Cool

So when are you dropping your first album

Leke Lee: Very soon!

234hitz: It’s nice speaking to you, before we call it a day. Everyone would like to know if you are to date a Nigerian celebrity who would that be?

Leke Lee: (Dija) 4 real I’m crushing on her #Coughing

234hitz: *smiles*

One word for upcoming artists

Leke Lee:  don’t do It coz your frnd is doing it, and always make sure it’s good music before promoting it.

Leke Lee: #Thatsall

234hitz: Thanks for your time bro.

Leke Lee: No problem boss

234hitz: Ok sire

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