I Can Never Be Jealous Of Patoranking Or Any New Kid On The Block” – Shank

When it comes to Reggae, the younger Patoranking seems to have knocked the once popular Dancehall singer Shank off his balance. Shank boomed so well in the past but perhaps relaxed a bit and the rat poison killer Pato shoved his way into the Music industry with his flawless talent and embraced it.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, Shank disclosed that in as much as Patoranking is making waves and smoking the atmosphere with his popularity, his still not jealous of him But rather happy that there is a platform for reggae artistes to flourish now in Nigeria..

Enjoy the chat below “I feel happy that finally, there is a platform for reggae artistes to be seen in the same light as any other secular act; so it is a win-win situation for me. I can never be jealous of Patoranking. There is no envy at all.

I have had my moment in the spotlight and when I was on top of my game, there was nobody around to contend with me. Right now, there are a lot of people doing dancehall music and it has become a movement. “I don’t see it as if only one person is spearheading the reggae movement. I like the fact that anybody that sings dancehall music would be listened to now.

It is not about who the artiste is but it is about the music. I can never be jealous of Patoranking or any new kid on the block.” Revealing further with Saturday beats, he talked about relationship, marriage and lots more..he said “Where I am right now psychologically, mentally, emotionally and work-wise, I don’t need the distraction of an intense relationship at the moment because a relationship requires time and effort and I would rather put that into my music. I don’t have a babymama. There is none that I know of and that is what I told them when I was asked if I had a kid at the embassy. I have been careful but don’t worry, I don’t shoot blanks; I shoot straight. I have just been very careful,”


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