Unsigned Artist Interview- #1 Anya Glaz.

Everyone listens to well known Artists that do music for a living, from the likes of Eminem, Tinie Tempah, The Beatles and Tupac, but what about the Unsigned Artists that find it hard to get noticed, but have amazing voices and make beautiful music? We will be catching up with Unsigned artists a few times a week to get to know them and be noticed for the talents! this week we have been talking to Anya Glaz a very talented 16- Year old Polish Female singer, Based in Switzerland.


We caught up with Anya Glaz to ask her a few questions about herself and her music and her music background.

Below is the questions we asked and then answers she gave!

Name of Artist/Band?

Anya Glaz

How long have you been interested in music? 

I could not tell you about the first time I have been exposed to music at all, because I cannot remember it myself. However, I can recall the first time I have been properly introduced to the world of classical music. I must have been around eight years old and was very anxious about my first piano lesson. Honestly, at that time I have shown very little interest in music and that went on for approximately six years. From time to time I might have had the wish to become a pop singer, but eventually I figured out, that it was very unlikely to come true. It is not that I hated my piano lessons and the effort I put in them, but I started seeing things differently after I started writing songs for myself. Instantly, I started paying more attention to the details when listening to other artists. As I wrote my first song in 2013, I have been acting on my growing interest in music for three years now.

How long do you see yourself making music?

I must admit that I have forced myself to answer that question a few times, since I am planning to go to college next year to study economics. After lots of struggling I figured out that I definitely want to keep on making music as long as I can (next to studying and in a few years time to my future job).

What is your music background?

As I already told, I have started taking piano lessons at the age of eight and have been playing classical pieces since. Later on, I accidentally signed up for the school choir and so I discovered my passion for singing resulting in taking lessons in classical singing. As you might have already noticed I have been classically trained and still feel a very strong connection with classical music. At the age of 11 I suddenly became more interested in pop and rock music and started imitating the songs I heard on the radio. What completely changed my music experience was the moment, when I started writing for myself. Since then I have uploaded some of my songs on public platforms, collaborated with other artists and even composed a classical concept album.

Why do/did you want to record and release your own music?

I did not start composing due to a specific reason, it was meant more as an experiment. However, I uploaded my first song only a year after I started song writing. Firstly, I really wanted to get some feedback since I wanted to develop as a musician. But that is not the reason why I release my songs still. A year ago a friend of mine accidentally discovered my Sound cloud page and said that my music helped her through a rough phase of her life. That was the moment when I understood, that that was the reason I should publish my music – to show other people that they are not alone with their problems.

What are your songs about?

A few months ago someone who has been listening to my music on soundcloud (and I do not know him in person) asked me, if I have ever have been depressed. My music is not only about depression, but it is based on my negative experiences in general. I have already collaborated on some tracks that were very uplifting, but I feel like this is what my music was meant to be about, it was meant to be about things you normally do not speak about with other people.

Do you write your own songs?

My first songs used to be about stories I read or even invented myself, because I did not want them to become too personal, but that is what music is really about. It is about YOUR personal experiences or about things that touched or influenced you in some way. I usually come up with the lyrics first, but it is only a sketch of a song when I sit to the piano and try out some chords and melodies that would match. Later on, I work both on the accompaniment and the lyrics until I am happy with the result.

Who are your musical influences?

I could not talk about my influences without mentioning my favourite classical composers Chopin and Rachmaninov. As far as pop and rock music goes I have always loved the diversity “Queen” had, the variety of musical genres “Radio head” played with and the combination of classical music with rock that “Muse” do. A singer-songwriter I really admire is “Damien Rice”, both his music and lyrics are of off this world. I recently started listening to electronic music as well, but I could not name someone who inspired me yet (I am sure, that I will in a few years time!).

How do you describe your music to people?

My music has been my emotional outlet for some time now and that is why I do not like to keep it to a structure or a genre. Objectively, I would describe it as alternative/indie with the piano as the major instrument and as a mixture between “Birdy” and “Soko”.

What are your immediate music career goals? (Next 1 to 3 years.)

As I am moving in a few months’ time to another city, I would like to build a local fan base there. I would still love to continue to collaborate with other artists and hope that eventually a song might lead me to a contract with a record label.

What are your long-term career goals? (+5 years)

My biggest goal is to live from my music and to make it my full time job. I do not aspire great fame, because my genre of music is not what thrills the crowds really, but I would like to be recognized as a musician in my home country or even internationally.

What live performance experience have you had? 

I have already had some experience with performing at some private events, but that would not count. In a month’s time I will have a gig at a local bar.

Have you recorded any previous CDs or posted any audio files on the Internet? what are they called? and where?

I have recorded some of the songs I wrote and uploaded them on my sound cloud page. As I am working with lots of other artist now, there are more songs coming soon. The song, which represents the kind of music I am writing now, is called “Inevitable”.

What are you listening to right now?(other unsigned artists)

I listen to some other unsigned artists from time to time on sound cloud. At the moment I discovered two great singer-songwriters: “Riley Pearce” and “Tony Dare”. As for electronic music I am listening to a good friend of mine called “Feeniks”. His latest song “Racists” is really awesome!

I want to say a big thank you to Anya Glaz for taking the time out to answer the questions for us!

If you haven’t already you can find her at the links below on her Social Media’s








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