Tribute to A Brother, A Gallant Soldier of The Nigerian Air Force – Prince UC Augustine

Death is a debt everyone must have to pay someday. Like the saying goes, “one thing must kill a man”.

Tears flowing down my eyes like a river, thunder and lightly striking from above, can someone please help stop this rain gushing down my eyes? My eyes are heavy and my heart is broken. I miss you my dear brother Victor. A gallant soldier, you served your country well and your death will forever be unforgettable.

Victor my brother is a loving man of God who believed in what is right, he was my right hand man, our closeness is something to be admired as people tagged us “Aki and Pawpaw” just like the famous Nollywood actors Osita and chinedu.

I could still remember how it all happened like it was yesterday. Victor called me just two weeks to Easter celebration, and told me he will be coming back for Easter in 2014. I was so happy hoping to see my brother who has been in sambisa forest fighting for his country as a young soldier.

A week later, victor called again that he won’t make it for Easther again because he used the money he made to acquire a car. I was so devastated and angry, but I had to forgive my brother. Just 3days b4 easther, I noticed I couldn’t reach him on phone anymore, I was worried and wondering what has happened to my brother. I couldn’t insinuate death cos I was so confident that he was okay and they were winning the war against insurgency in the North East.

I was wondering and nobody could tell me anything including my parent, but one night, a friend called me and shocked me with the sad news of my brother’s death. Then I realised my parent has been hiding the sad news from me. I broke down in tears, I almost lost control of my own life as I walked blindly into a pothole. People held me but couldn’t stop my tears. How can my brother die like that I asked.

A friend of my brother, a soldier who escaped from the ambush with a broken legs on that sad day called me from the hospital a week later and narrated how my brother died. He said, they were all working as usual before they saw a little boy running, they wondered why he would be running in that manner, my brother tried to find out but he was shot on the head by the rampaging Boko haram terrorist. It was an ambushed, and my own brother died instantly. Oh what a painful death, what a wicked world.

My dear brother victor, I wish you are still alive to see how your little brother is doing. Brother, I am trying to bare your death but my heart still yarns for you. Hope I won’t die thinking of how we used to play. I miss you so much bro.
Farewell my brother, sleep in glory cos you died fighting for your dear country, you will always be remembered in my heart, and I promise to represent you well in this world.

I miss you dear brother. A gallant soldier, a man of God and a compatriot.

Prince UC Augustine


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