Scam Alert: Spatar Dj Intellectual Scammed

Well Known Disc Jockey Spatar DJ Intellectual Made it Known to US That He Was Scammed of #1.3m

Below Is His Statement (Not Edited)

I Received a Call today,early this morning by 9:45Am, It was my Bank Manager that Called me, Mr James from Diamond Bank, he told me why did I have to empty my Acct without letting him know, then I said nothing like that sir, I haven’t done anything like that..He should check verry well,,then he said didn’t I Received Alert? ,then I said no,5min after I got Alert by telling me 1.3,Millions has been deducted from my Acct by S.S.S Security Services in Serrieloen,,Confirmed by Karat drilling Golding Company in Spain,,then I Remember the Outside Business have been Running online,,I just felt down and died for 30mins. Nobody was with me,then I woke up again,and Started weeping tears and the money is all I have,keeping it for my better future,planning on it for a Strong Businesses..But now both money and business nothing shows up Again…Online Business has Run me down,But still am a man I will never give up…But Pls Friends pray for me,God should Consider my Meditation and bring back my Wealth,he should listen to the voice of my Suplications


Below is The Copy of The Alert He Received (Not Edited)

W.U.Transfer.NGN1.3000000,M.Transfered to a/c no 396****576 .Deducted From S.S.S.INTEREST PAID on 02-Aug-2016. Your Avail. Bal. is NGN1,203.85. Thank you for using Diamond Bank..


Your Nightmare!!! King Himself. Hope You Are Ready For Me!!

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