Ekiti deputy governor orders shooting at voters in Ikere

Reports from Ikere, Ekiti state has it that the
deputy governor of Ekiti state, Dr Kolapo
Olusola, ordered his security personnel to shoot
at voters in Ikere.

Our correspondent has it that Olushola who was
driving in a convoy while accreditation was
ongoing, was accosted by voters who were vexed
that he was using a convoy during the election.
It was gathered when the voters who were
believed to be All Progressives Congress
sympathizers saw him driving in his convoy in
Ikere, they attacked him and in a bid to wriggle
his way through, he ordered his security detail
to shoot to disperse the crowd.

But in the process, an APC sympathizer, Jide
Owolabi was shot and has since been taken to
the hospital for further treatment.
As at the time of filing this report, our
correspondent are trying to get across to the


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