Msol is a young artiste whose career has been on the rise ever since he stepped into the music scene,a native of omu-aran in  kwara state, born and brought up in Lagos state…He has been a music lover from a tender age, started exploring his talents in singing and performing  as a teenager,also the c.e.o of muzikhitz9ja.com,he broke into the scene with a song titled Maama lera,which had massive online and radio airings,He also has another hit single “Knocking on the Heavens Door”
@Justpromoters Spoke to the 24years Rising star.
Young, energetic, and full of life,Msol is a pleasure to be with as he creates a relaxed mood for an afternoon chat by @Justpromoters  After spending a few minutes with him, it is not hard to see that there are no airs around him. Despite the sagging jeans and bouncing steps, he has a matured mind and speaks freely, holding back nothing.

May we meet you Msol?
Yea they call me Msol Mr Ijaya,me formulae…I am from a family of five, 4 girls and am the only boy,
How did u come about the name Msol?
From my Childhood people called me emzor but I changed it to Msol… which means MUSIC SAVES OUR LIFE
What is your most recent Track tittle?
Mama leera ft Ladi omz produced by pillar beatz and also i will be dropping another single which I did with Ibak titled “she is a queen” produced by S-witty and Mixed and Mastered by Swap mix

What is your type of music called?
I do an infusion of Reggae and RnB, Afro, Afro Pop, pop….actually I don’t have a particular genre…I record whatever the spirit brings..I for do Fuji too…(laughs)….I do music not genre…

We heard that when u perform on stage,Audience get really exited by your moves and composure,where did you learn to use the stage?
I have always been the shy person and always reserved and some people see it as pride…whenever am going on stage, I leave my mind at a zero point,I enjoy my self and let my music do the rest
You said earlier that you Just graduated with a  Business administration and Finance Management,How did you manage to combine that with your music Career?
Its not easy at all…sometimes I might be in the studio or rehearsing with friends and I  will receive a call that we re having a text tomorrow..but I thank God I came out with a dope result (laughs)

Why now? Why did you decide to venture into music at this point in time?
I have been in the music scene for sometimes now but education has slowed  me down a bit..cos after my graduation from the polytechnic, I went to Ghana for my bachelors degree and you no combining the two ain’t easy..am done with school so am ready to work with any label….I remember my school made me loose a contract with a prominent label here in Nigeria because the time schedule for the contract agreement was days to my final exams so made the right decision by focusing on my exams.. but then,no regret at all

What re your Achievements so far?
Its been good so far, I have been able to perform within nigeria and outside the shore of Nigeria…I have performed in Some Major events in Ghana, Carnivals and Clubs in Nigeria too, with Some original Songs I have recorded,set to be released,but looking for the main Medium for promotion
Wow! A lot achieved so far,Who is your Mentor music wise?
I have more than a mentor..Bob Marley, FELA, 2Face Idibia , 9ice, Duane Stephenson, Culture etc

Who would you love to work with in future? Nigeria and overseas..
Nigeria I would love to work with 2face Idibia, while overseas I would love to work with Jamaica arts,the likes of Gyptian,Tarrus,and Culture
Who is the real Msol?
Am a normal guy who grow up without a silver spoon,compare to some of my career  mates who grew up with gold and silver spoon,am the ambivalent person..you can’t predict my mood and I hate cheats and lies…I hate when I am cheated and lied to..
As a male artiste,we know you already have all the ladies lined up at the background tell us how the reception from your ladies Fans been so far?
I have always had that real love from fans anyway I am performing…I try to be presentable and swaggered  up and even smell good coupled with good music I have to get the ladies Attention you know…but they have been phenomenal and they have affected me and my career positively.
Are you dating anyone now?
Hmmm….its complicated…let’s go to next question pls

What are people’s response and views to your latest track?
Its just been really crazy…its not like the normal thing…Fans Love my music, trust me it has been good comment and love

what should we be expecting from you this year?
Lot of good music as usual, dropping a song soonest, and I have a lots of Music cooking in the kitchen(laughs)…finance has been our major problem but we hope and pray that God will Send us an investor or a label will come on Board to help out with some Finance so My music will go far and wide*
A word for your fans out there?
keep praying for me, you have been supportive right from the first track I released, you all encouraged me and showed me what it meant to be loved…keep praying for me and I won’t disappoint you..one love

Here is a direct link to 1 of Msol’s Track
Mama leera ft ladi omz



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