Television Entertainment Network (TEN), is a master brand under Virtual Media Network which champions the production of ground breaking, new direction content, leveraging on a wide network of content producers and creative individuals and teams from around the world, in order to give our viewers a rewarding viewing experience.

It is an eclectic mix of multi-dimensional, multilingual and multi-ethnic television programming, comprising of a wide array of niche channels for different tastes and preferences.

It is the ultimate, family friendly and culturally relevant television entertainment brand, with something for every taste and preference.

In order to adequately represent this multi-faceted brand, the new logo captures the diverse and regional structure of Nigeria as an entity.

The logo mark is designed to pay homage to the key ethnic groups of Nigeria: Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa as individual vertical bars but also cleverly using said bars to form the letter T and housing it within a vibrant color scheme to show despite our differences we are beautifully United. “TEN represents unity in diversity”

Meet the sub brands under TEN;

  • AREA TEN targeted at the mass audience with Pidgin English, a language that cuts across all classes with entertainment content for the urban youths, and the family as a whole.

  • TEN ORISUNTHE SOURCE, the most captivating Yoruba channel in Sub-Saharan Africa, creating entertainment for the whole family.

  • TEN ISI MBIDOTHE BEGINNING captures quality entertainment for the family in ethnic Igbo.

  • TEN NIGEZIE XTREME Nigeria’s premier music and lifestyle channel that is designed to entertain upwardly mobile youths and trend setters.

Features and benefits of TEN brand include.

  • Exporting the Nigerian Spirit in Different variants to the world.
  • Multilingual, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural television programming.
  • Family friendly, culturally relevant content and premium entertainment.

The Television Entertainment Network new logo designs will be available on TV screens internationally, starting May 1st, 2021.

For more information on TEN Channel, send us an email to : [email protected] or follow us on our Social Media Platforms @tentvng @isimbidotv @areatentv @orisuntv


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