Virtual Media Network (VMN), Owners of Nigezie Xtreme, Orisun – The Source, Isi Mbido – The Beginning and Area TEN changes her logo!

VMN is a fully integrated creative, new media and broadcast and digital content production, acquisition and marketing company.

The media company warehouses a myriad of highly entertaining and culturally relevant content, inhabiting multiple platforms ranging from TV to radio, web, mobile and social media.

VMN packages and exports the “Naija Spirit” in different variants to the furthest parts of the globe, through exciting, entertaining and engaging content.

We constantly communicate our brand essence and values to the rest of the world in a way and manner that will engineer a “Naijacentric” cultural revolution.
This has helped us create new markets and multiple layers of audience engagement, with different segments in various societies, while at the same time creating opportunities for advertisers to connect with their target markets.

The new VMN logo reflects the company’s desire to keep in touch with modern trends and to stay relevant for a long time to come.

The concept and design of the new logo is inspired by the fluid nature of ocean waves; its fluidity gives life by establishing itself as the entity that connects us across all life-forms.

The slanting structure of the logo also connotes forward motion and or progression. In a nutshell VMN connects people.

“Change is a constant thing in life, and as time changes, we as a dynamic brand, must continue to evolve to ensure the VMN brand vision keeps up with the ever changing new trends to cement our position,” says Femi Aderibigbe (Kwame), MD/CEO at VMN.

For more information about VMN, visit
OR send us an email to: [email protected]
Connect with us on social media: Instagram/Twitter/Youtube @nigeziextreme @orisuntv @isimbidotv @areatentv


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